Our Progress

Below is a listing of each round. Click on the link for each round to see what we bought, when we bought it, when we sold it, and how much we sold it for. NOTE: Rounds 5 to 9 do not list the sold price, but do link to the corresponding blog post . . . we’re working on it and will have them uploaded shortly!

Round One: $1 into $2

Round Two: $2 into $4

Round Three: $4 into $8

Round Four: $8 into $16

Round Five: $16 into $32 

Round Six: $32 into $64

Round Seven: $64 into $128

Round Eight: $128 into $256

Round Nine: $256 into $512

Round Ten: $512 into $1,024

Round Eleven: $1,024 into $2,048

Round Tweleve: $2,048 into $4,096


 Have we told you how we paid for a trip to Disney with $1? Take a peek at ROUND ELEVEN. Details to follow on our blog! Want to be the first to know? Sign-up on the right!