The Goal

Have you ever gotten a vision that you tried to suppress, ignore, or forever dismiss because it really did not make sense in your logical world? I mean, one so big that even to try it would make other people make fun of you, ridicule you, and even dismiss you? Well, my kids and I have one of those visions. In fact, we have had it for a year, and for awhile it was just too easy to dismiss it. The problem it…it kept coming back up. The Doubling Project is that vision.

I am a dreamer, perhaps a visionary, and certainly a sufferer of entrepreneurial ADD (that’s the truthful description of what most people call Serial Entrepreneurship). I believe everything is possible, the Bible is clear when it says that. I love quantum physics, theoretical physics, mathematics, etc, even if I don’t fully understand it all. I believe that somewhere in all that mind-blowing study are some truths about who we are, who God has made us to be, and the power He has given through principles we don’t fully understand.

Lately, God has been telling me to take all that I have learned, all that I felt like was possible, and to take practical steps to prove it is really is real. He told me to start super small so that He could show me how to make it super big (or at least what I think is super big) by a very simple doubling principle. There is a purpose for all of this…and it is not just about money.

So, that is what we are doing. Taking one step at a time, we are going to turn $1.00 into over $1,000,000. Man, even typing that makes me begin to doubt, but then I am reminded that NOTHING is impossible! So, our family is going to do it.

Here are the basic principles:

1. $1.00 doubles into over $1,000,000.00 by doubling 20 times. It looks like this:

Doubling Chart

2. We will be giving an offering off the doubled amount, whatever it is, when we conclude the project. We believe in giving off of the increase, and since our project intends to double 20 times, the increase will not be fully realized until we get there, or until we decide we have gone far enough.

3. If we more than double in any given event, we will take the extra and put it aside using it for expenses, taxes, giving, etc. No matter what our trading event yields, the next event will follow the same steps as described in the chart above.

4. We plan to go for one year, starting Feb. 2nd, 2016 and going to Feb. 1, 2017. If we make it or don’t make it to the 20th event before this takes place, we will decide then to keep going or to stop. (UPDATE: As of April 3, 2017, we are still going! Be sure to follow our blog to find out what ALL we have done along the way!)

5. We will use the proceeds from this to be completely debt free as a family, including our home, cars, and any other debt. We will give a minimum of 10% to any combination of our church, charity, and other worthy causes as we feel led. We will most likely seed another round as well.

So, here we go! Please cheer us on!