Meet the Brandenburgs

Simply put…we are the Brandenburgs. We are a homeschooling family that follows the teachings of Christ. We believe in family, fun, and possibilities. We dream, we play, and we never give up. We are four individuals on a journey to do something BIG–experience the power of compound growth . . . together!



Jamie – the dad, entrepreneur, and mastermind of The Doubling Project

Favorite Find: A Gerber Mark II Knife (Found at a random yard sale in KY!)

Cost: $10

Sale Price: $280





Lauren – the mom, author, and “documentor” of all things doubling

Favorite Find: The chandelier

Cost: $8

Sale Price: N/A (It’s hanging in the reading room!)






Kensington – the daughter, lover of languages, and mixed martial artist

Favorite Find: A speaker

Cost: $25

Sale Price: $300




Jackson – the son, aspiring filmmaker, and inventor

Favorite Find: A vintage cassette player

Purchase Price: $25

Sale Price: $100