Round Three…$4.00 into $8.00

On February 13th, we purchased a four boxes of Logo Bandz at the Franklin, TN Goodwill. They were one sale for $1.00 a box, so it was an amazing find. Each box held 12 packs of 20 bands. We got two NBA boxes, one NFL box, and one Justice League box. Online each box was selling for anywhere from $15-$30, so we knew we had scored big. Within 15 minutes, we sold the NFL box for $8.00 (no shipping) so we had our round finished, and still had 3 boxes to sell! We did end up selling each box for $8.00, for a total of $32.00, so after our $8.00 round need, we ended up with $24 extra!

2016-02-20 20.29.11