Round Ten . . . $512 into $1024

Two words can describe June 2016: POOL NOODLES! (Keep reading . . . there is a lesson in this!)

In June we entered into the world of live and online auctions (this is about the time that I decided to play along). We started the month off with more yard sales and a few pawn shops but found the live pallet auctions to be a way to gain more product in less time, however, at a greater expense. Basically, we bid on large pallets of returns–mostly sporting paraphernalia, knee braces, backpacks, etc. Kensi learned quickly that the live auctions were not her cup of tea and agreed to clean up purchases for resale when we brought them home. 

This is the funny part!

Speaking of bringing home . . . Jamie was super excited to score a UFC punching bag, and being a martial arts family, our kiddos were pretty excited as well. Jamie proceeded to unload the item, noting its light weight (not meant to be an MMA pun). As items from the auction were usually a bit off in some manner–packaging damage, dirty, etc.–he assumed the bag was without sand.

Then, we opened it. POOL NODDLES! We had purchased a box of high-end (you read right!), high-end pool noodles stuffed into the wrong box. Apparently, you can put your beverage of choice in one end and sip out of the other . . . um . . . not this gal. While we didn’t get the item we had hoped for, we did get a box of noodles with a value of around $25 EACH!

LESSON FROM TDP – Know EXACTLY what you are bidding on!

It was also during this time that we realized a way to use our side account. When we had a shortfall of cash, we could “DOUBLE IT”! We were able to pay a few bills, cover homeschooling fees, and take a night out as a family without tapping into The Doubling Account.

LESSON FROM TDP – When in need . . . “DOUBLE IT”!

Even though our pallet experience didn’t turn much of a profit (purchased for $325 and netted $363), we had a great round and learned that pallets were not The Doubling Project’s best source!

Here is a glimpse of Round Ten’s bigger wins:

Ray Ban reading glasses  – $1 into $35.oo

Sunglasses$1 into $30.00 (Purchased at Goodwill)

Ryobi blocks –  $5 into $60.00 (Purchased at a yard sale)

Chicago (the band) Blue-Ray DVD$.50 into $33.00 (Purchased at a yard sale)

Box of Legos  – $5 into $43.00

Trombone$60 into $200.00 (Purchased at a pawn shop)

Gerber Mark ii knife – $12 into $120.00  (Purchased at a yard sale in the middle of Kentucky at 4 p.m. . . . it sold that night!)

On our journey, we always find a few things that we just can’t let go of . . . .like a pair of Sig Sauer BB guns!

During this round, we not only put $171 into the side account but moved into a new house! (Jamie said I could have the garage back in six months. It has yet to happen.)

Thanks for following our adventure!