Round Twelve . . . $2,048 into $4,096

Even though our Disney dealings had us a bit side-tracked, we just couldn’t stop completely. In round twelve we bought almost exclusively through online auctions. We minimally utilized Offer Up, Let Go, local thrift stores, and of course yard sales. It was during this round that Jamie decided it was time to purchase an office chair . . . (This is almost as funny as the pool noodles!)

Seeing as how we have learned that we can purchase large items through the online auction site, Jamie began to keep his eyes open for a new office chair. It didn’t take long. He bid and won! But when he went to pick up the item, he realized that the online site had accidentally listed the wrong item. (If you follow our blog, you’ve seen this more than once . . . cough, cough, my chandelier!) Instead of a fancy new office chair, we became the proud owners of a carefully packaged, undented, never owned DRUM SET! Jamie didn’t get his chair, but we were thrilled . . . and then we sold it.

LESSONS FROM THE TDP: Check the contents of sealed boxes before you bring them home!

LESSONS FROM THE TDP: Before you bid on an item, determine whether or not you will actually be able to get it home!


Check out some of our bigger wins for ROUND TWELVE!

Whynter Portable Air Conditioner –  $90 into $400 (Online Auction)

Sharp Microwave Drawer – $45 into $600 (Online Auction)

Vanity Girl Mirror – $35 into $200 (Online Auction)

Portacool Air Conditioner –  $177 into $800 (Online Auction)

312 Hot Wheels – $90 into $250 (Let Go)

Kennedy Machinist’s Tool Box – $15 to $180 (Yard Sale) NOTE: We sold this to the coolest young man! He was about to enter machinist’s school and had been specifically looking for what we had to sell. We were able to give him a great price and throw in a few of the tools! (This was the coolest box! I loved all the drawers, bits and pieces, and even the handbook. I tried to keep it for myself, but Jamie dropped the “Where are you going to put it?” on me.)

Until we adventure again . . .