Round 5 – $16.00 into $32.00 – Done and done!

2016-03-12 17.25.33Well, Round 5 has taken us a bit longer than the other rounds. In fact, it took us about a month. There were lots of reasons for this, mostly just life got in the way, but we never quit and finally knocked it out!

We started our search right after completing Round 4 and immediately found a vintage Sony Tape Recorder for $2 at a local Goodwill. They were selling for as much as $50 on eBay, so we got a little lazy thinking this might just take us to the end of the round.  That was not the case so after 3 weeks of no sale, we went out and spent the remaining $14 on a few more items we found at another Goodwill and a local thrift store.

We bought a pair of Arnette sunglasses ($3), a leather notebook portfolio ($1), a 1948 hardback Dale Carnegie book ($3), a 6″ Funko POP Baymax ($5), and a Texas Instruments Financial calculator ($0.49) to add to our tape recorder. This is not exactly how we want to do each round, buying 5-6 items, but we wanted to move onto round 6 so we made due. With tax we were a bit over $16, but our side account made up the difference.

We have sold the following (everything from this round), with the follow net return (after shipping and auction site fees):

Sony Tape Recorder – $10.80

Funko Baymax POP – $5.26

Texas Instruments Calc – $21.43

Garnette Sunglasses – $14.35

Leather Portfolio – $5.71

Carnegie Book – $4.65

Total – $61.97! So $32 moves onto round 6 and the rest goes into our side account!




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