Round 6 – $32.00 into $64.00 – Done and ready for Round 7!

2016-04-17 17.05.22So we completed Round 6 a little quicker than expected, which is a good thing! We started the Round on a few weeks ago by purchasing a Thermostat at Goodwill for $3.00. Later that day we sold it for $20.00 on eBay! Next we stopped by a few yard sales and found a Jeff Gordon Mini Bob ($2) and a Tommy as Mayor Munchkin doll ($1). These were a bit of a gamble, but they were older and still in original packaging, so we decided to take a risk.

A few weeks later, Jack and I got up at 6:30am on a Saturday and took off yard selling to try to get the early bird items (Kensi had a friend spend the night, so we gave her the day off ;-). Within our first hour, we had hit the jackpot!

First we found a Cleveland Launch 460 10.5 degree driver for $5.00. This was easily worth $30-$40, so we snagged it. Next we found a brand new Breville Juice Fountain Plus for $20! These retail for $150, and sell used for between $60 and $100 so it was a no brainer. Later that day, we took $50 cash for it, so we more than doubled our money! Finally, we found a Ektelon O3 “Play with Fire” racquetball backpack for $2! These sell for between $30-$35, so another no brainer!

So with the thermostat sale of $20, and the juicer sale of $50 our net after fees was $66.98, completing our round and adding to our surplus at $1.98! And we still have four items left for sale!

Honeywell Thermostat – $16.98

Breville JE98XL Juicer – $50.00

Cleveland Golf Club – $27.02

Mayor Munchkin – $2.29

Total so far – $96.29, of which $64 goes onto Round 7, and a few more items yet to sell (which will go straight to the surplus account!)

Check out our video completing Round 6. And yes, we forgot to mention the Jeff Gordon and Munchkin dolls, don’t judge.

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