Round 7 – $64.00 into $128.00 – Complete!

2016-05-01 10.59.34Round 7 really was a breeze. We knocked out the purchases in three mornings of yard selling over two weekends, and had all our needed sales to complete the $128 goal in less than a week! In fact, everything from this round was bought at yard sales.

We actually wanted to stick to a few larger items, but it did not work out that way We ended up buying 18 items for the $64 and even had a few bucks to spare at the end, which we applied toward gas. Kensi rocked it the first weekend, but was a little sick the 2nd weekend, so just Jack and I (daddy) finished the buying for this round. The best part is Jack and Kensi both are gaining a real eye for deals, and are learning a lot about exponential growth of money!

Our best story was in buying the vintage Bates Secretary rolodex. We bought it for $4.00 thinking we would get between $10-15 for it. As we were leaving the lady stopped us and said that a box goes with it. So we grabbed the box and headed out. When we got home we found that the box held 11 refills for the Bates Secretary which are actually very hard to find (circa 1970s)! So far, we have sold 4 of the refills for $14.95 net each! And we still have 7 to sell! You just never what where the home run may come from 😉

We found some other pretty cool items this week. Here is the list of what we bought, and the net sale of each item (some are still waiting to be sold):

  • Honeywell Pro3000 Thermostat ($2.00) – $10.44
  • Kraftwagen First Aid Kit (vintage Mercedez Benz kit – $5.00) – $0.88
  • P90X Video Set ($5.00) – $17.03
  • Acura 6 Disc Changer (1990s – $5.00) –
  • Tommy Bahama Travel Cigar Case ($3.00) – $14.42
  • Vintage Bates Secretary ($4.00) –
  • 11 Vintage Bates Refills (inc) – $114.28
  • Liv Katie Doll NIB ($2.00) – $16.96
  • EV N/D367 Female Vocal Microphone ($5.00) – $22.83
  • Canon P20-D Calculator ($2.00) –
  • Realistic AM/FM Radio ($1.00) –
  • Pentax Camera and Extra Lens ($13.50) – $66.28
  • Panasonic Cassette Player ( $0.50) –
  • Minecraft Lego Set ($2.00) – $4.00
  • Vintage Muppet Show Lunchbox ($4.00) – $17.26
  • Rudolph Figurines ($1.00) – $3.66
  • R2D2 Metal Earth Kit ($1.00) – $2.00
  • Polaroid Land Camera ($0.75) –

In total, we have made $222.14 so far on this round, so $128.00 goes to Round 8 and $156.33 goes into the side account!

Check out our videos from buying in Round 7. Round 8 is right around the corner, stay tuned!


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