Round 8 – $128.00 into $256.00 – Done in just two days!

Round 8 Collage2This round was just flat out exciting! We did almost all of our buying in about 4 hours on Saturday morning hitting some yard sales. The one item we bought outside of the yard sales was a Schwinn Womans Bicycle we found at the Goodwill. We even used a little of our round capital to buy stuff we didn’t end up selling 😉

What was super cool were the interesting items we found, a few we got lucky with, and how quickly the big tickets sold! We had a few amazing wins too! Like one item we bought for 50 cents and sold for $45 dollars, another we bought for $1 and sold for $75, and another we bought for $3.00 and sold for $70! All in all, we doubled our $128 into $256 in less than 2 full days, so it is on to Round 9! Almost halfway through! And…our side account is growing nicely (over $200)!

With the move to larger $$ amounts, we are going to have to again change our strategy. First, our strategy was Goodwill or thrift stores. Then it moved to thrift stores and bargain 2nd hand stores, like Bargain Hunt. Our last move was to all those stores and some serious yard selling (getting up at 6:30am, going both Friday and Saturday, racing from sale to sale to beat other pickers, etc). Now our strategy is going to bring in Craigslist and auctions (not eBay). With Craigslist we will be watching for brass instruments, silver, and a few other items. With auctions, we will be focusing on the less popular items and hard to find collectibles. We are excited to spend this $256 and see where it takes us!

We found some other pretty cool items this week. Here is the list of what we bought, and the net sale of each item (some are still waiting to be sold):

  • Schwinn Trailway Ladies Bike ($15.00) –
  • Olympus 10×25 Binoculars ($3.00) – $6.00
  • Arcteryx Men’s Softshell Jacket ($10.00) – $69.46
  • Coach Purse ($20.00) – $34.69
  • Mosey Mini Mo Purse ($20.00) –
  • Vintage GE Radio 5257-A ($1.00) – 70.90
  • Vintage Mouli Grater (free) –
  • Vintage Ekco Egg Beater (free) –
  • Vintage Maynard Egg Beater (free) –
  • Braeburn 3000 Thermostat ($3.00) –
  • Vintage Craftsman Sander ($1.00) – $9.22
  • Wrigley 24K Gold (plated) Coin ($1.00) –
  • Busch Memorial 24K (plated) Coin ($1.00) –
  • Vera Bradley Coin Purse ($0.50) –
  • Vera Bradley Checkbook ($0.50) –
  • Gucci Wallet/Checkbook ($0.50) – $39.42
  • Dollhouse Windows x3 ($2.97) – $25.24
  • Dollhouse Doors x2 ($3.98) – $18.69
  • Maui Jim Sunglasses ($2.99) – $60.09
  • Dooney and Bourke Purse Dust Bag ($10.00) –
  • and…we goofed off with about $29.26 buying food, lemonaid stand drinks, toys, giveaways, etc.

In total, we have made $332.32 so far on this round, so $256.00 goes to Round 8 and $78.63 goes into the side account!

Check out our video below of the round results as of 5-12-16:

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