Round 9 – $256.00 into $512.00 – Complete in a few weeks!

Round 9 CollageWell, we got a little more well rounded with this round! Again our strategy was yard sales, and we went multi-state. We started in the Nashville area for the first weekend and found some great buys! However, we really racked it up when we visited family near Lexington, KY. We spent a couple of morning and found some great items! And…our side account is going to get really healthy from the left-over items that haven’t sold yet!

We even used some of our $256 to have a little fun while out treasure hunting, grabbing some food and buying a few fun items!

As we move into Round 9, we are going to have to find ways to make larger purchases as it is just plain hard to spend $500+ at yard sales. We could keep doing this and make plenty of return, but for time sake we are going to move on to different strategies.

One strategy we are going to try is wholesale auctions. More on that with the next post…

Here is the list of what we bought, and the net sale of each item (some are still waiting to be sold):

Item Item Cost Net Revenue on Item(s)
Logitech Harmony One $4.00 $39.06
Roughnecks DVD Set $0.50 $32.97
Gameboy Advance SP $1.00 $21.34
Time Board Game $0.25 $-
Big Business Game $0.25 $-
Franklin Covey Binder $2.00 $-
Mattel Classic Football $1.00 $4.55
Helicopter *Large* $3.33 $-
Helicopter *Only* $3.33 $12.56
Helicopter *Small* $3.34 $-
Hot Wheels Cars $0.50 $1.00
Acrylic Paint Set $2.00 $-
Dave Ramsey Wallet $1.00 $-
Jada Car $0.50 $2.23
Star Wars Figures $20.00 $70.60
Paintball Guns $80.00 $220.00
GE Radio $2.00 $-
GE Clock $2.00 $-
Magnavox D 8077 $3.00 $-
My Buddy Toolbox $3.00 $-
Cobra Speaker $4.00 $40.72
Ray Ban reading glasses 1 $1.00 $41.91
Ray Ban reading glasses 2 $1.00 $-
Fossil reading glasses $1.00 $-
Brek Leg Brace $1.00 $-
Robosapian $10.00 $-
Peavey KB1 $10.00 $53.76
Coleman Hi Stand $1.50 $14.59
Greenlee Metal Punch $25.00 $39.04
Stanley Box $1.00 $-
Lego Friends Set $1.00 $-
Audobon Society Booklets $1.00 $-
Shredded Money $1.00 $-
Shipping Supplies, gas, etc $64.50 $-


**and…we goofed off with about $64.50 buying food, lemonaid stand drinks, toys, giveaways, packing and shipping supplies, etc.

In total, we have made $594.33 so far on this round, so $512.00 goes to Round 10 and $82.33 goes into the side account!

Check out our video below of the round results as of 6-1-16:


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